Students participating in our programs are asked to evaluate the program based on their exposure. Students are asked ten questions which they solely answer. Here's what Mariel had to say about SMEL:


Interviewer: What is your name?

Interviewee: Mariel B.

Interviewer: Which cycle did you enjoy the most? Why?

Interviewee: Cycle 1 is my favorite cycle because it teached me a lot. It taught me how entrepreneurs make mistakes. 

Interviewer: What's your favorite color? Why?

Interviewee: Blue because it's a pretty color. 

Interviewer: Color psychology in branding shows that color to represent "Bold, Power, " Do you agree/disagree? Why?

Interviewee: Yes.  

Interviewer: What excites you about SMEL?

Interviewee: The things you can do like earn money and learn about money.

Interviewer: May you share something of significance you learned in SMEL program?

Interviewee: I learned the entrepreneurs make mistakes. 

Interviewer: What business would establish? Why?

Interviewee: A slime company because slime is very popular and I think I could make a lot of money from it.  

Interviewer: Which one of the Ten Leadership Principles you enjoyed learning?

Interviewee: #6 "Experiment and take risks." 

Interviewer: If you had enough capital to purchase a stock or multiples, which would you? Why?

Interviewee: Sony because I like their Playstation. 

Interviewer: Is there anything SMEL should improve?

Interviewee: Using more words I can understand. 

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