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Go Green Project!

Hannah MCcrae, Founder of Hannah's Go Green Project, Inc. is taking a huge step to ensure her school community is clean and recycle accordingly. She has set out to make the earth stronger by recycling used plastic bottles and cans. 

Her partner Nicole states, "Recycling is very important to the world. Recycling can help animals from suffering and it can also make the air around you cleaner." To start helping the world around you, you can recycle bottles and throw your garbage in the trash. According to Ever Green Environmental (2018), "Americans typically throw out around 25 million plastic bottles per year. If each American were to recycle 1/10th of their newspapers each year, we would save around 25 million trees." (n.p.).

Hannah has been working to collect bottles and cans to raise money to give back to the community and the environment. "The experience is fun. I earn a profit with little to no expense."

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